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IGK Group offers the full range of credit risk management services in all countries of the world
  • Credit rating, assigned by IGK,
    will help to determine your company policy towards your business partners
  • Credit insurance – contribution to the security of your business
  • B2B debt recovery. No Result – No Fee
in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, Africa, America

IGK Credit Reports
  1. Standard report
    Standard report is intended for trade credit insurers and suppliers for a swift decision of unsecured short-term delivery for the buyer.
  2. In-Depth report
    In-Depth Report is intended to reveal the potential of researched company’s creditworthiness through deeper look into the company’s inside. As the additional potential the resources of the Group can be considered.
  3. IGK Rating-report
    IGK Rating-Report is intended to reveal the potential of researched company’s creditworthiness through deeper look into the company’s inside. As the additional potential the resources of the Group can be considered. IGK Rating-Report stipulates the Visit of the company by IGK specialists or their authorized representatives.
  4. Due Diligence Report
    This research envisages collection and analysis of all documents testifying on the Company’s background.
  5. Site-Visit Report
    Site-Visit Report stipulates the Standard Credit report including visit of IGK authorized agent.
  6. Express Company Report
    Express-report is a brief business overview summarizing publicly available official information on a company in Russia and giving the opportunity to draw the preliminary conclusion whether is it admissible to work with this company and if so, under what condition it can be done.
Express-assessment of credit limit
If your company had to regularly purchase something from foreign suppliers, you probably came across such a value as the Credit Limit from an insurance company.
We invite you to take a first approximation of the creditworthiness of your company and the assessment of its Credit Limit for one single shipment.

Probability of Default – Solution IGK
The ‘Express Check of Bankruptcy Probability’ is an automated solution developed by IGK Group with the use of machine learning algorithms to be used to anticipate the possible bankruptcy of your customers and partners.
At the moment the probability of default has an accuracy of 84%. In addition to that, there was also the machine learning performed based on the evolution of the financial data of several years where even higher results were obtained (87%).
The check of bankruptcy probability is going to be developed further and we are constantly working to improve the forecasting accuracy with the help of the most advanced algorithms.

Besides change of company’s official status, it is also possible to monitor the change of shareholders, management, legal address and other data. The monitoring works as simple as that – you provide the list of customers to monitor and name the positions you’d like to be included in the monitoring, and you will be receiving email notification if anything happens.

  Trade credit insurance meant for companies who sell goods/services on deferred payment terms. When selling goods on credit, there always exists a risk that the buyer might not fulfill payment obligations. Such risks are covered by trade credit insurance.
The clients of IGK include the leading credit insurance companies Sinosure, K-Sure, Credendo Group, Hermes AG, Atradius, Euler Hermes, etc.

  in Russia, CIS countries, Europe, Asia, Africa, America

The client gains all of the instruments necessary to protect a business from the risk of the unpaid debts.

Unique debt collection mechanism ensures 60% efficiency

The amicable recovery is based on "no result - no fee" principle Marketing & Consulting Services
Search of potential business contacts/buyers worldwide

Business Meetings Arrangement
Arranging of business contacts and meetings in CIS (Kazakhstan, Russia, etc.)

IGK Group credit risk management services
IGK Group – Credit risk management. IGK AG subsidiaries operate in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine
and Russia: in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Samara, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod, Chelyabinsk, Perm.

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