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The court`s decision was obtained against debtor and we were planning to start its enforcement. However, the debtor submitted a petition to the court asking to approve 12 month debt repayment schedule, because of their bad financial state. The debtor also provided company`s financial statements to prove this fact.

Our analysts checked the information provided by the debtor and we informed the court that the debtor company has enough money to repay the debt and they have no financial difficulties at all. Obviously such complains were made by the debtor to mislead the court and obtain the possibility to officially repay the debt during a long period of time.

The court decided to reject debtor`s petition based on our conclusion and soon the whole debt, as well as the interests were recovered by the bailiff.

The case was important for us because our in-house analysts assisted our lawyers, so we helped our client to receive their money and avoid possible additional expenses that could appear in case the client needed to invite specialists (analysts or auditors) from side to examine the debtor`s financial statements.

Great work of our team!

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