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Our colleagues from the debt collection and legal recovery department performed a webinar that was dedicated to the debt collection (for Russian speaking auditory). Three sessions of webinar took place on 13.10, 20.10 and 27.10.

More than 250 attendees from different companies and countries learned more about debt collection organization in our company. We also introduced participants with the information about possibility of IGK to influate on the business reputation of the debtor and it allows us to reach average 60% success rate.

Our team provided the information about site visits to the debtors and the role of this action in debt collection procedure. We also introduced participants of the webinar with the overview of the debt collection specifics in Asian region, Europe and other regions.

Our colleagues from legal team informed the attendees of the webinar about legal recovery and enforcement procedures in different countries as well as introduced the information about possibilities to participate in different insolvency procedures.

We also were very glad about high activity of the attendees who were also sharing their experience in different topics related to the debt collections and addressed a lot of interesting questions to panelists.

We are planning to conduct another international webinar #IGK in 2022 with the updated information in all topics we already studied.

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