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In case, the result of the pre-legal stage of the debt collection process is not successful,
by the agreement of the client, we proceed with legal actions or bankruptcy procedure.
To help the client in making his decision we provide the list of expenditures for bringing claim
to the court and analysis of possibilities of winning the case. Our company’s lawyers
will present the client’s case in the court. In his turn, the client is obliged to provide
IGK Group all documents required for succeeding with the suit.

Legal action procedure algorithm:

  • Filling a suit against the debtor
  • Obtaining judgment
  • Execution of judgment.

The client has to meet the expenses for the lawyer, court fees etc., according to the account set up by the IGK Group. As far as possible according to the respective law, these costs will be shifted to the debtor. Our commission rate does not depend on costs for legal proceedings.

Approximate costs for legal proceedings around this region are the following:

  • State tax, usually about 5 – 10% of the debt amount (as an exception the state tax in Ukraine is1%). The bigger the debt amount, the smaller the state tax if compared proportionally.

  • The lawyer’s fee also depends on the complexity of the case; usually it ranges between 5 – 12% of the debt amount. In majority of the cases these sums have to be paid in advance, except the lawyer’s fee. In case the court decision was positive for our client, all court costs have to be paid by the debtor except the lawyer’s fee.

IGK Group’s mission is to provide clients with an effective debt collection service that does not take up a client’s valuable time and money.
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